• Customized Sizing and Design Options
  • High-Quality Auger Flighting
  • Durable Materials

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I really appreciate the extra work and effort demonstrated by the Helical Works team to expedite a pair of screw augers required for a shut down on short notice.  They were extremely accommodating and a pleasure to deal with in a tough situation.

Why Choose Our Auger Helical Flights

Customization Excellence: We take pride in offering custom auger helical flights, meeting the unique needs of your industry. Whether you require large single-piece auger flights or intricate designs, our expertise covers it all.

Engineering Precision: Our commitment to engineering excellence sets us apart. Clients trust us with their most intricate custom auger projects. We tailor helical flights to meet various requirements, including inclined flights for screw conveyors and specific shapes for material processing.

Expert Repair Services: We also provide expert auger flight repair services. Our experienced technicians are ready to troubleshoot and provide repair quotes over the phone or in person.

Contact us today to discuss your helical flight needs. Unleash the power of precision engineering!


  • Sectional flights
  • Stainless Steel flights
  • Ribbon flights
  • Cut flights
  • Cut & folder flights
  • Taped flights
  • Coned flights
  • Canted flights
  • Compressing flights
  • Large flights
  • One-piece flights
  • Screw pile flights
  • Hardox flights
  • Steel flights
  • Screw pile flights
  • Hydro pump flights

Get a Quote or Call Now at 1-833-451-6653