Manufacture & Supply of Drills & Auger Flights for Challenging Jobs

Helical Works Co. manufactures a variety of drilling augers. Our manufacturing team builds and supplies drilling augers to help you complete any drilling project with ease and efficiency. From small drills of a few inches to large-scale drilling needs, we have a size and custom design ready to be crafted for you.

If you’re looking for a drilling auger manufacturer or a superior helical drill, contact our drilling auger manufacturing specialists.

Drills and Augers

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Reducing Wear & Tear

When we’re building helical drills, we look at two factors for your project drilling needs: how powerful the drilling potential is, and how durable the drill will be. Longevity is just as important as instant power, and both depend on a number of conditions on the worksite.

We’ve worked with a range of industries to produce all types and sizes of drills, but each industry has different needs. For example, earth drilling for landscaping purposes is very different from helical drilling for milling applications. To correctly manufacture a drill that stands up to specific site conditions and works well for various materials, temperatures, and applications, our logistics and engineering team consults directly with you and your team. Before manufacturing, we ensure we’ve chosen a blend of materials, sizing, and specifications to make your drilling operations more efficient and streamlined.

Drilling Auger Manufacturing:

  • Excavator drills
  • Earth drills