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We’re here to make your piling and grounding projects easier. Contact us to learn more about our quick turnaround on CCMC certified helical screw piles applicable to:

  • Oil Pipelines & Pump Stations
  • Bridges & Walkways
  • Schools, Airports, and Hospitals
  • Foundations for Industrial Equipment
  • Remote Camps & Pre-Engineered/Modular Buildings
  • Shoring for Excavation Sites
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Piling Projects

Our expertise allows us to manufacture and supply the right custom screw pile so you can successfully complete your pile project.

Structural projects require innovative and unique piling solutions. No two piling projects are the same, which keeps our engineers and manufacturers focused on building the right optimized custom screw piles.

A range of expertise is needed to create custom screw piles. We typically work on projects that require a helical pile manufacturer with a deeper understanding of the structural needs of the projects. Additionally, some of our clients are restricted by a structure’s design and engineering, shipping requirements, site access, equipment access, and more. Custom-made pile solutions need to pull these variables together without compromising structural integrity.

Our on-staff engineers enjoy the challenge that comes with integrating specifications and turning out innovative solutions. If you have a challenging project that requires extra care and commitment, the Helical Works team can provide that extra level of service and care you’re looking for.