Screw Conveyors for Processing & Manufacturing

The Helical Works team specializes in integrated services and products for screw conveyor systems. Our in-depth experience in the agricultural, mining, bulk handling and manufacturing industries makes us a top choice for globally diverse companies with a range of conveyor needs.

If you find yourself replacing your conveyors often, or you’re looking for a custom-fit solution that’s been designed with efficiency and profitability in mind, reach out to our team today.

Screw Conveyor for Helical Works

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Improving Efficiencies with Better Conveyor Systems

In manufacturing, time is money. Output depends on two things: the reliability of your manufacturing system, and the efficiency of your manufacturing system.

When it comes to helical screw conveyors, reliability is crucial. Screw conveyors can be tricky components to deal with. They often operate in constricted areas, with constant motion putting pressure on different areas of the conveyor. This allows for a great deal of wear and tear, slowing your system and resulting in costly downtime

Our Screw Conveyor Systems Offer:

  • Complete flexibility in sizing, design, and engineering
  • Stable, efficient operations with full install, testing, and fine-tuning
  • Food-safe material options for food processing conveyors
  • Options to decrease resistance specific to the material being processed

Added Value Engineering

There are two ways we help clients improve reliability and efficiency in manufacturing and food production plants.

  1. You’ll walk through our in-depth manufacturing and quoting process to determine what the current capabilities of the conveyor system are and how they can be extended. Our logistics and engineering team will put together a plan of action based on simple modifications that ease pressures, allow for fast and smooth rotation, and deliver precise results.
  2. You’ll receive start to finish manufacturing, including installation, for your new helical conveyors. This ensures your system has been tested and fine-tuned to offer ultimate performance. When maintenance, repairs, or quality control is needed, our team is available to assist.