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Services Designed to Meet Your Needs

When you’re looking for helical solutions for your equipment, you need trust, reliability, and speed of service. Helical Works Co. is trusted by our clients to deliver on these values.

We provide a complete range of services for your machine-driven needs. Most helical products we create are custom projects with unique specifications. Our engineering, manufacturing, logistics, and installation services allow you to receive continuous one-on-one assistance and service throughout the duration of your project.

Quality Services Delivered Just in Time

Our team is uniquely qualified to offer start-to-finish service. You can rely on our industry experts for accurate quoting and troubleshooting, quality manufacturing, and timely service work. We hire a range of specialists to provide top service for our clients.

If you’d like to learn more about the team or about employment opportunities with Helical Works Co., please see our team page.

A Start-to-Finish Process from a Sales, manufacturing & Installation Team that Truly Cares


The process for quoting is simple, but our technicians are eager to dive deeper to see how we can connect new technology and products with your business goals. While most companies will give you base pricing and options when you inquire, our team is here to provide custom-fit solutions. Your business goals, budget, and specific needs are important to our team. It’s our ultimate goal to provide you with exactly what you need – nothing more and nothing less.

Engineering & Design

Custom-design your solution with fewer headaches and costs when you bring your needs to a team that genuinely cares. Our team of engineers will design to your specifications, ensuring we understand what your long-term goals are. In many cases, our engineers are able to go above and beyond by providing superior features, options, or customizations. We’re dedicated to improving your workflow and processes, one product at a time.


Business is all about making connections. When it comes to your helical products, we can help you get the perfect fit every time. For us, it’s not enough to mass manufacture a product and sell it for as much profit as possible. In the end, your profitability is our team’s goal. In addition to logistics consultations throughout the process, we’ll give you easy access to our on-site or virtual troubleshooting and logistics professionals whenever you need them.


A finished product works smoothly every time. If it’s not working smoothly, it means we’re not finished. Our experienced helical installation team will implement your helical screw conveyors, drills and augers, screw piles, and helical flights with the same level of care we use for our own systems and equipment. We’ll also offer you testing, maintenance expertise, and expert advice on how to extend the life of your helical products and the systems that rely on them.