Helical Flights for Every Industry

We are trusted globally as a high-quality helical auger flight manufacturer. Using durable materials and customized sizing and design options, we can create helical flights that will outlast the competitors. If you’re looking for high-quality flights, get in touch with our experts.

Having trouble with your equipment? We also offer flight repair services. Our experts are happy to troubleshoot and quote on flight repairs over the phone or in-person.

Helical Flights

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Complete Customization of Helical Flights

We specialize in large, single-piece flights, but we’ve manufactured many types of flights in each category. Our range of flights is impressive! From a low of 2″ (diameter) X gauge material to a high of 53″ (diameter) X 2″ (thick) our flights we have the ability to manufacture the flights you need.

Clients come to us with their most precise custom work, knowing they can trust our engineering process to create the perfect solution for their projects. Helical flights can be customized based on a variety of factors. In some cases, inclined flights are necessary for the processing of materials in screw conveyors. The edges and shape of helical flights may be highly specific if the flights are to be used with certain materials or within a larger system.

Looking for a custom project? Big or small, we’d be happy to create the exact helical flights you need.

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Custom Flight Manufacturing:

  • Sectional flights
  • Stainless flights
  • Ribbon flights
  • Cut flights
  • Cut & folder flights
  • Taped flights
  • Coned flights
  • Canted flights
  • Compressing flights
  • Large flights
  • One-piece flights
  • Screw pile flights
  • Hardox flights
  • Steel flights
  • Screw pile flights
  • Hydro pump flights